Preparation for the trip!

So I’m preparing to leave on this trip and for those of you who know me I realize your first thought is “can she even pitch a tent?”. The answer is yes I can! I have all of the essentials to keep myself safe and comfortable. I even have a tool that does about nineteen different things but I’ve only tried three so far. I have fulfilled my obligations, taken leave from work, and am having the car checked out to make sure its ready for the trip. When I was looking for my next move I was just going to accept a job and move across the country, but realized that wasn’t what the universe needs from me right now. I wasn’t made to sit at a desk. I know that this doesn’t seem very practical to some readers and even some people close to me. Coming from my perspective this is well-planned, thoughtful, and exciting. It is quite possibly one of the most practical things that I have chosen to do for myself. If I fail, which I am not a stranger to doing, I will fail on my own accord and the next time that I fail I will do it better.



2 thoughts on “Preparation for the trip!

  1. I think anyone and everyone wishes they were doing this. I don’t think you will fail. I think more than anything, you will find more of yourself. I wish I could go with you!!!

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