The adventure ensued like this…

I hit the road yesterday morning in my little silver Subaru, which was packed to the gills with camping gear. I sang Uptown Funk twice before I exited the Pennslyvania Turnpike. I think I’m getting better at it everytime although I’ll never match Kai’s performance on the Ellen Show. Being that I intake an absurd amount of water a day it is miraculous that I made it all the way to Allentown before I stopped to use the restroom! That is where I met the first kind stranger of the day. His name was Jack. I held open the door for him because he had his hands full of Red Bull and bags of ice. We started talking about where he was headed when I realized I needed ice too so I went to go back but he asked why and proceeded to offer me the rest of his ice because he didn’t need it all. I made it the rest of the way to the Delaware Seashore State Park without stopping. It was wonderful to see my friend Mary from high school when I arrived! We don’t get together often so it was a great treat to spend the first night of this adventure with a kindred spirit. I was impressed with the artfulness of our camping etiquette.  The tent was put up with ease, I didn’t blow us up with the cooking propane, and I didn’t have to google anything! We reminisced, walked on the beach, and took some photos before turning in. I loved the smell of the air as I woke up outside. I drove to Virgnia today to see my Uncle. On the road for awhile, I decided to stop of a cup of coffee. I had no idea where I was at that point. This was where a group of kind strangers came in bringing me up to five in less than twenty four hours! Four men that just finished a round of golf were sitting outside and happily told me that I was in Bowie, Maryland. We got to talking about golf, my trip, and other pleasant conversation. I ended up hanging out for awhile, they were all great people to meet. Which reiterates a point I try to make often: there are so manty more good people than bad! I love people and I am always enlightened and interested in different ways with each interaction that I open myself to. I got back on the road and spent about forty minutes waiting to get through the Dulles toll, something that I was just warned would happen, but there was the next kindness! Despite her poor driving decisions, I allowed the woman that drove in the wrong lane to go in front of me and she paid for my toll! I thought that was a very kind gesture. Seeing my mom’s brother was a great ending to a great day. I love our conversations and anecdotes about life. It’s not often that I get to talk to him in person. Being able to share stories and memories that are such an essence of my heart means a great deal to me. It is also nice to get some advice and tips from someone who knows a whole hell of a lot more about life than I do! Please excuse any grammatical errrors as I am literally about to fall asleep. Until tomorow.


One thought on “The adventure ensued like this…

  1. Thanks for the great post Kelli! I heard a little about your trip from my dad and it sounds awesome. Are you heading to Colorado or anywhere cool? Glad you got to see GeoKev on Father’s Day. Safe travels and thanks for sharing all the interesting things happening on your journey!


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